How to Sell Your Digital Products Via Google Checkout

If you have ever tried selling digital products while using Google Checkout as your payment processor you might have faced many glitches. Firstly, it does not have a mechanism to automatically integrate with your existing shopping carts. This means that for every digital product purchase that gets made on your site you need to manually approve each one. If this were a physical product it would not be such a big issue. It is meant to primarily sell material products that require shipping.

However, if this is a digital product then manual approval could signal a big warning. It is because customers want access to digital downloaded products instantly as soon as the payment is made how to sell credit card machines. If there is a delay it means poor customer service which can backfire on your brand very badly. Moreover, the customers might not want to buy your product through Google Checkout. So what’s the solution? The answer lies in selecting a merchant service provider that facilitates automatic payment and instant digital download delivery for your customers.

When it comes to all physical goods or tangible goods this company proves to be a very scalable, efficient and robust payment processor. However, in the case of intangible goods like digital products the chargeback policy does not cover such items. This means, that in case a physical product gets returned you can hope for a recourse and a money back option. In the case of digital or intangible goods there is no such hope. So in case a customer is not satisfied with a digital product you will have to shell out the money from your own pocket.

There is a way out of this by asking your customers to make payment through check but this is a very archaic method of doing business online. Most people prefer instant, online methods of payment and restricting yourself to check payment is like strangling your business growth. Instead, the better alternative would be to seek out a professional active and efficient merchant services provider that enables easy payment through GCheckout.

You could select a merchant services provider that accepts multiple currencies like the Euro, British Pound or US Dollar. Try selecting merchant service providers that enable your customers to make payment through credit card to deposit the amount directly into your account. The deposit of payments should be direct, automatic and instantaneous thus leaving no room for delays or loss in payments.

Most merchants these days face a problem when it comes to accepting payment through Google Checkout. In the case of digital products the payment takes 2 business days to reflect in your account. Thus many merchants are forced to wait for their payment which is a real botheration. Ideally, your merchant services provider should have provisions to instantly deposit the funds.

One such great merchant services provider to provide seamless, instant funds deposit into your GCheckout account is Click2sell.EU It has flexible provisions whereby merchants can easily sell digital products on their site and accept customer credit card payments directly into their own Google Checkout accounts. It delivers the digital downloads – your ebooks or software – to the customer instantly when you receive a payment, so your customers don’t have to wait for your manual product approval.

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