Cat Vitamin Recall — Protect You and your Cat from Salmonella

At the advocating of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Hartz Mountain Corporation is of your accord remembering one specific lot of its product, Hartz Vitamin Care for Cats. On December 5, 2007, during routine tests, the FDA learned that the supplements may possibly be infected with Salmonella. The Hartz Company of Baconton, Atlanta is fully cooperating on the recall.

Who is In danger? Salmonella is a microbial affected individual that can cause serious infections in animals, young children, frail and elderly adults as well as those who have vulnerable immune systems. Anyone who falls into one of these categories are at risk and needs to avoid contact with or handling of these cat supplements. How does Salmonella Cause Disease? Salmonella is an abdominal disease spread by bacteria. After the food, or in this case the vitamin, is eaten or taken it passes into the intestines and binds to the abdominal walls. Through some special meats it creates, it can sink into the system.

Once it is inside, it can am the lean meats or spleen cat supplements. Other styles of abdominal bacteria would normally be wiped out by this process. However, Salmonella has evolved to escape the immune bodies function to destroy it. When the Salmonella reaches the lean meats or spleen it can grow again and grow released back into the intestines. When this occurs, some will be expelled in diarrhea while others will continue the growth process for about 5 to 7 days.

Once the Salmonella bacteria are expelled from the body, however, they can survive in soil, ground water or waters to infect the next animal or human that comes. Because cats use kitten boxes and the outdoors, owners who have used this product need to be extremely careful.

So what can You do to prevent Salmonella infections? The best way to stop the spread of Salmonella has safe hygiene. If your cat has used this product and typically goes outdoors, make sure to keep them inside for at least a week. Dispose your cat’s kitten daily in plastic bags which have been tied safely. Put the garbage bags in your rubbish can immediately. Disinfect your cat cat litter box and tools often. Wash both hands and any contact surfaces with soap and water frequently. What are the Symptoms of Salmonella? Salmonella symptoms can happen in both cats and humans. There are four major symptoms.

If cat owners experience any of these symptoms after using the Hartz Vitamin Care for Cats, they are advised to seek immediate medical assistance. Cats who exhibit any of these symptoms should be taken immediately to a vet for analysis and treatment. How do you Know if you have the Affected Product? The product involved is 3, 600 containers of Hartz Vitamin Care for Cats, lot code SZ- 1637 1, UPC number 32700-97701, which was manufactured by an authorized manufacturer, UFAC (USA), Inc., in Baconton, Atlanta.

While normal testing conducted by Hartz and UFAC haven’t revealed the presence of Salmonella in a Hartz products, testing conducted by the FDA did detect the presence of Salmonella. Hartz is aggressively investigating the origin of the problem. So what can You do with the Affected Product? Hartz haven’t received any reports yet that indicate any cats or people have become ill from the vitamin product in question. They are taking precautions to have shops and distribution centers eliminate it from shelves or online sales.

Cat owners should immediately stop using the product and dispose of it quickly and properly. Consumers can contact Hartz at 1-800-275-1414 if they have questions or would like to be reimbursed for the purchased product., examiner and writer for Natural Cat Lovers, has 19 years of experience writing for advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers. She’s researched many areas of natural health and has written website articles for pretty much ten years. She is the caretaker of four cats she’s nurtured using only natural remedies and behavior methods.

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