Things to Look For When Choosing Your Riser Recliner

You might have had trouble getting in and out of a chair if you have arthritis, back discomfort, or other related conditions. You might find a riser recliner chair to be quite helpful.

Sitting or standing

Our electric riser chairs are indispensable for the elderly or those of you with restricted mobility and are fantastic for assistance with sitting down. They employ an almost silent motor to elevate you to your feet without putting any pressure on your arms, hips, or legs.

Leaning back

Your recliner will support you correctly, providing the ideal seat height, depth, and width because it was made to your precise size specifications. Its ultimate comfort, along with its ergonomic design and lovely proportions, make it the ideal armchair for the present and the future.


This is the ideal posture for an afternoon nap or to enjoy the optional built-in therapeutic system’s soothing massage. You can smoothly and effortlessly be raised back up with just one touch of the Riser Recliner control.

Raise your feet

At the touch of a button, you may remove the weight off your feet because your chair will be properly shaped to accommodate your legs and make you feel supported at all times. When providing maximum comfort, this is the ideal position for unwinding while reading, sleeping, or watching TV.

Available massages

Use the finger-light controls on our optional built-in massage system to choose between a complete, sensuous body massage and a focused massage on one of five different parts of your body. Since so many individuals claim to feel so relaxed they nod off during the massage, the intensity may be completely adjusted. The device also shuts off on its own after fifteen minutes.

It might be irritating to be unable to get out of a chair due to old age, weak knees, or other medical disorders that impair your nerves if you have a low level of handicap. But the agony of getting into and out of a chair is much diminished by riser recliner chairs. The real reason your soreness goes away is that the chair does your muscles and knees’ work for you.

By moving the upper body forward and flexing the knee and leg muscles, we employ our abdominal and hip muscles to get out of the Riser Recliner chair. The ankles and feet give stability and balance. But the impetus needed to get out of the chair is absent if you have poor mobility, neuromuscular illnesses, advanced age, or other similar issues. The propulsion provided by riser recliner chairs allows you to stand up from a seated posture without putting undue strain on your joints or muscles. When you need to stand up, all you have to do is touch a button on the side of the chair, and the riser chair will gently push you forward until you can stand up.

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